The City of Mora’s Public Housing Authority 

Who We Are

The Mora HRA is a public housing authority (PHA) established by the City of Mora to address the housing needs of underserved populations in the area. As a PHA, we administer federal, state and locally funded housing assistance programs to qualifying low income households. We partner with other government, non-profit and private agencies to connect families and seniors with local support resources and promote self sufficiency.

What We Do

The Mora HRA owns and manages income-based apartments where tenants pay rent based on their family income. We also administer the Housing Choice Voucher Program.

The HRA owns and operates “Eastwood” – a senior living campus, with independent and assisted living senior apartments as well as memory care. Eastwood Life Enrichment Center (LEC) is a senior community center, located at Eastwood, that is the hub of connectivity between Eastwood residents and the community. The LEC provides free programs, classes, entertainment and opportunities for seniors to connect with friends and family.

Why Us?

Sadly, our work is not competitive.  The need for assistance is much greater than the availability of funds to serve them all.  All of our programs have waiting lists.  Families are encouraged to use their assistance to make a new start, improve their situations and eventually be able to move ahead without assistance.

The past may not have turned out how you’d hoped, but your future can be brighter than you ever imagined.

Please contact us today for affordable housing assistance in Mora, MN!


P.O. Box 209
160 Valhalla Circle
Mora, MN 55051



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